AMPCO® 18.23 Centrifugally Casted

Nominal composition:

Aluminium(Al)10.5%AMPCO<sup>®</sup> 15 / Extruded and drawn rods
OthersMax. 0.5%


This heat-treated alloy is the ultimate in high-strength bronzes. AMPCO® 18.23 was designed specifically for applications requiring good bearing characteristics and exceptional wear resistance.

It has greater toughness than AMPCO® 18.22 and better physical properties than AMPCO® 18 or AMPCO® 18.136. Its exceptional proportional limit gives it the highest possible resistance to distortion, providing industrial designers with greater creative freedom.


AMPCO® 18.23 performs well under heavy loads and impact conditions, making it a preferred material for heavy-duty worm gears and similar applications.

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