For over a century, AMPCO METAL has pioneered and produced the best metal solutions for the world’s products, applications and industries.


Research & Development

AMPCO METAL is your reliable partner for alloy solutions that are tailored to your needs. We don’t stop at delivering advanced alloy products – our services extend to top-notch research and development to address your specific metal application requirements.

    • Custom Alloy Development: Explore our comprehensive services for developing aluminum bronze and other copper alloys to meet your unique requirements.
    • Alloy Design and Formulation: Leverage our expertise in alloy design to ensure optimum performance and compliance with the highest industry standards.
    • Metallurgical Testing and Analysis: Rely on our industry-leading testing and analysis to validate the properties and performance of your alloys.
    • Customized Solutions: Whether you need high-performance alloys, specialty metal formulations, or unique shapes and sizes, we have the expertise to deliver.

Our R&D capabilities

At AMPCO METAL, we offer a range of research and development services to meet your metal needs. Our Custom Alloy Development service provides personalized assistance in creating aluminum bronze and copper alloys. Our expertise guarantees that we tailor our support to match your unique requirements.

Benefit from our expertise in designing and formulating alloys, using our vast knowledge to ensure top-notch performance that meets or surpasses industry standards. Trust in our commitment to excellence for testing and analyzing the metallurgical properties and performance of your alloys, utilizing cutting-edge processes that lead the industry.

What makes us different is our capability to offer Customized Solutions – whether you require top-quality alloys, specific metal blends, or distinctive shapes and sizes, our team has the knowledge to provide solutions that perfectly match your project objectives.

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Material science and metallurgy of copper based alloys

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