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Automotive Industry Solutions: Alloys & Precision Machining

AMPCO METAL has been at the forefront of the automotive industry for decades, offering unparalleled expertise in specialty bronzes and high-quality copper-based alloys. Our diverse range of products, including rods, plates, bars, and more, caters to a broad spectrum of automotive applications.

Diverse Applications for Maximum Efficiency

Our flagship AMPCOLOY® copper alloys are designed to meet the rigorous demands of the automotive sector. They excel in applications requiring superior heat resistance, friction sensitivity, and exceptional fatigue properties. These alloys are integral to the construction of high-performance resistance welding components, such as electrodes, shanks, adaptors, holders, and more, aligning with RWMA Group A class 3 and class 4 specifications.

Beyond welding, AMPCOLOY® is the material of choice for bearings, bushings, liners, valve seats, fittings, gears, seals, and other critical components, thanks to its high strength, excellent conductivity, and unparalleled wear resistance.

Enhance Your Automotive Manufacturing with Reliable Alloy Solutions


  • Expertise in Automotive Alloys: Our deep-rooted history in the automotive industry showcases our commitment to excellence and innovation. AMPCO® alloys are engineered to exceed the expectations of our automotive partners, ensuring optimal performance in heat-resistance and friction-sensitive applications.
  • High-Performance Materials: Choosing AMPCOLOY® for your automotive applications signifies a commitment to quality. Its outstanding fatigue properties, high strength, and conductivity set new benchmarks for durability and efficiency in automotive manufacturing.
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