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Tube Bending

  • Provides high-quality surface finish with easy set-up.
  • Minimum friction making it easy to regrind.
  • No seizing, scratching or corrosion starting point.
  • Improves sliding properties.
  • Reduce cost and extend life.

Knowing that certain applications require unparalleled quality and production tool longevity, we developed AMPCO®18, AMPCO®18.23, AMPCO®21, AMPCO®22 and AMPCO®M4. Specifically for tube bending of stainless steel and titanium material exhaust pipes, these engineered materials are able to form from both sides, delivering tighter roundness tolerance and all-round product efficacy.

Advantages of AMPCO®21 and AMPCO®22 mandrels and balls:

  • Extended life
  • No hardening or expensive coatings on the mandrel required
  • No galling

Advantages of AMPCO®18, AMPCO®18.23 and AMPCO®M4 wiper dies:

  • Extended life (20 times longer with AMPCO®M4)
  • Easy set-up
  • No galling
  • No scratching
  • No corrosion starting point
  • This type of end formed tooling supports material forming from both sides to deliver tighter roundness tolerances for joining or welding


  • Provides high quality surface finish
  • Form non-symmetrical and symmetrical shapes
  • Easy to regrind

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