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AMS Alloys


Horizontal Continuous Casted


  • Produced by a continuous cast process, followed by a heat treatment.
  • In many cases AMS-4880 can substitute for AMS-4640.

AMS-4880 is a nickel aluminium bronze alloy engineered to deliver both performance and significant cost savings. This is achieved through superior production methods that create less material, weight reduction, lower machining costs and elimination of scrap.

Best used

For heavy loads, friction, abrasive wear and corrosion.

Ideally suited for

Applications involving abrasive wear, friction, deformation and chemical erosion, including Aircraft bearings / bushings, pump and marine shafts and wear rings, valve spindles and seats, machine tool parts.

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AMS 4880 SC E 1403A
AMPCO® Special Alloys Application

Dimensional Capabilities

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Dimensional Capabilities

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