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AMPCO® 674



  • Exceptional hot forgeability: This aluminum bronze features remarkable hot forgeability, rated at a perfect 100.
  • High Strength Bronze Alloy: Known for its superior strength, it is a reliable material for applications where durability and robust mechanical properties are critical.
  • Corrosion Resistant Properties: This alloy has excellent corrosion resistance, making it suitable for use in harsh environments.
  • Improved Tensile and Yield Strength: Its lower lead content contributes to improved tensile and yield strength, making it a preferred option for heavy-duty applications that demand reliability and durability.
AMPCO® 674 Properties and Specifications

AMPCO® 674 is a high-strength bronze alloy known for its exceptional hot forgeability and corrosion resistance. This alloy offers a unique balance of properties, including a hot forgeability rating of 100, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring hot forming. It also has a machinability rating of 25%, which may be lower than some other alloys, but is compensated for by its improved tensile and yield strengths. This aluminum bronze is preferred for a wide range of industrial applications, including bushings, gears, cams, connecting rods, and more. Its reduced lead content distinguishes it from its counterpart, AMPCO® 673, making AMPCO® 674 a preferred choice in applications where lower machinability and higher strength are desired.

AMPCO® 674 Applications

AMPCO® 674, a high-strength bronze alloy, is used in a wide range of industrial applications. Its exceptional hot forgeability rating of 100 makes it particularly suitable for components that require hot forming, such as bushings, gears, and cams. Its corrosion resistance and robust mechanical properties also make this aluminum bronze a preferred choice for applications that require reliability in harsh environments, including connecting rods, idler shafts, worm gears, feed fingers, and lead nut screws. This versatile alloy’s lower lead content increases its tensile and yield strength, making it an ideal choice for a variety of heavy-duty and corrosion-resistant applications in a variety of industries.

Best used

Bushings, gears, cams, nuts and bolts, connector rods, idler shafts and other shafting, worm gears, feed fingers, lead nut screws.

Ideally suited for

Bearing and corrosive output.

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