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AMPCO® 674



  • Excellent capacity for hot forming.
  • Hot forgeability ratings of 100.
  • Machinability rating of 80%.

AMPCO® 673 and AMPCO® 674 share many base characteristics as two wrought zinc-manganese-silicon-lead-copper alloys, specially developed for unique conditions. AMPCO® 674’s lower lead content decreases its machinability but increases its tensile and yield values.

Best used

Bushings, gears, cams, nuts and bolts, connector rods, idler shafts and other shafting, worm gears, feed fingers, lead nut screws.

Ideally suited for

Bearing and corrosive output.

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AMPCO® 674 E E
AMPCO® Special Alloys Application

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Dimensional Capabilities

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