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Steel Industry

Blast Furnace

The blast furnace, the heart of ironmaking, faces extreme conditions and temperatures. AMPCO offers state-of-the-art solutions tailored to ensure optimal furnace performance and longevity. Our specialized components like tuyeres, staver coolers, and bushings are designed to withstand these intense conditions. Moreover, our innovations in torpedo ladle car center plates and clay gun piston rings further showcase our commitment to enhancing the efficiency and safety of blast furnace operations.

Electric Arc Furnace

Electric arc furnaces, known for their ability to produce high-quality steel from scrap, require precision-engineered components to operate efficiently. AMPCO stands at the forefront in providing robust solutions such as contact plates, electrode holders, and bushings. Our expertise extends to the nuanced needs of these furnaces, from the oxygen lance tip design to wear plates and liners, ensuring smooth operations and superior product output.

Steel Melting Shop

The steel melting shop is where raw iron transforms into versatile steel. AMPCO understands the intricacies of this transformation. We offer cutting-edge solutions for contact plates, pressure rings, clamping rings, copper panels, and more. Our focus is to ensure that every component, down to the electrode holder and bushings for casters, adds value and resilience to the overall process.

Hot Strip Mill

Slabs are meticulously transformed into sheets in the hot strip mill, requiring peak precision and unparalleled quality. AMPCO’s comprehensive range of solutions ensures optimal strip production, from roughing mill bushings and bending cylinder bushings to Down Coiler Mandrel spares and work roll chock pressure plates. Our offerings, including rocker plates and slipper pads for spindles, are tailored to increase operational efficiency, minimize downtime, and elevate product quality.

Cold Rolling Mill

In cold rolling mills, precision is paramount. Steel sheets undergo meticulous thinning and strengthening processes. AMPCO provides various solutions, from mandrel T-ledges and wringer rolls for stainless steel to shear bushings and graphite-plug chock liners that ensure precision and efficiency. We also cater to the finer aspects like welder centering and coil joint welding, underscoring our comprehensive approach to serving the cold rolling industry.

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