AMPCOLOY® 95 Forged

Nominal composition:

Cobalt + Nickel(Co + Ni)2%Forged
OthersMax. 0.5%

AMPCOLOY® 95 finds its own applications due to its  mechanical properties.

AMPCOLOY® 95 is principally used for spot welding electrodes, electrodes for mesh welding, electrode holders, seam welding discs for stainless steel, Monel and nickel alloys, flash welding dies, plunger tips in aluminium high pressure die casting machines and parts for injection moulding of plastic wherever a high thermal conductivity is desirable.


Since the alloy contains 0.5% Beryllium, it is recommended that during any operation which is liable to create dust or fumes (for example dry grinding, polishing or welding) precautions should be taken to ensure there is no inhalation or exposure to eyes or skin. Conventional machining (for example milling and turning) is not generally considered hazardous.

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