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Plastic Tooling & Mold Making


  • Reduce plastic processor cycle times from 20 to 80%.
  • Significantly increase production rates, cost saving and part quality.
  • Both AMPCO® 18 and AMPCO® 21 superior metals are used for friction applications in moulds, which can be a solution to most wear and seizing issues.

Our precise, high-conductivity, high-performance AMPCOLOY® alloy range provides the ideal supplement to AMPCO® specialty bronzes. These high-conductivity copper alloys are produced with greater care than commercial alloys, with virgin metals and stringent controls to guarantee uniformity and unvarying quality. For these reasons, AMPCOLOY® alloys are extensively used in moulds as inserts for the injection, extrusion and blow moulding of plastic parts for the automotive industry, as well as the greater plastics industry.

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AMPCO® Hardness vs. Conductivity
Plastic tooling and mold making brochure
AMPCO® Special Alloys Application

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