Made To Order Parts

Made To Order Parts

AMPCO METAL can provide almost any engineered and/or high-performance material produced by any manufacturing method.

Our primary manufacturing technology is continuous casting but we also offer many other processes depending on the specific requirements of the customer – including extruded, forged or centrifugally cast shape or form using qualified vendors and controlling the raw material feed, which is produced in-house. Any specific shape or form can be supplied by forging and/or extrusion processes for your specific application.

Forging techniques offered include rotary forging, ring rolling, swaging and any other various closed-die techniques.

AMPCO METAL’s forged high performance alloys are used worldwide in a wide range of demanding applications, like resistance welding electrodes, generator rings, aerospace, marine, oil and gas undersea components, plastic mold tooling, abrasion and galling-resistant dies.

Leading companies trust us to deliver the leading-edge technologies they need to gain an advantage in their respective market.