Description and Application

A silicon bronze welding alloy (UNS C65600) for the inert gas welding of copper-silicon, copper zinc, copper to copper and also mild steel. Used extensively in the welding of galvanized steel. The silicon content of 2.8-4%, increases tensile strength, hardness, and work hardening rates.

Silicon bronze also provides good corrosion resistance and has good weldability.

Silicon bronze is hot short and extreme care must be exercised to avoid overheating the joint which tends to cause cracking.


Zinc(Zn)Max. 1.0%
Tin(Sn)Max 1.0%
Manganese(Mn)Max 1.50%
Iron(Fe)Max. 0.50%
Aluminum(Al)Max. 0.01%
Lead(Pb)Max. 0.02%
OthersMax. 0.50%
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