AMPCO® 8 Extruded

Nominal composition:

Aluminium(Al)6.5%AMPCO<sup>®</sup> 8 / Extruded and drawn rods
OthersMax. 0.5%


AMPCO® 8 extruded has a high tensile strength and a good yield along with an inherent toughness and ductility not usually found in a single alpha phase aluminium bronze. During the extrusion process the metal is hot worked resulting in a compact grain structure free of inclusions or other defects and improved physical properties.


AMPCO® 8 is used whenever good resistance to corrosion, erosion, abrasion and cavitation-pitting is essential. AMPCO® 8 is ideally suited for pipes, tubes, joints and other pieces used in the process, marine or other similar industries.

The extreme hardness of this alloy makes it an ideal bolting material.

AMPCO® 8 has excellent bearing characteristics. It is used for bushings, bearings, wear strips and in similar applications where hardness and ductility are essential for uninterrupted operations.

Related Industries

Marine and Naval

Related Application

Wear & Corrosion Resistance

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