प्लास्टिक टूलींग और मोल्ड बना रही है

प्लास्टिक टूलींग और मोल्ड बना रही है

AMPCOLOY® alloys, a high-conductivity, high-performance alloys range produced by AMPCO METAL, provide a perfect supplement to AMPCO® specialty bronzes.

The high-conductivity copper alloys are produced with greater care than commercial alloys, with virgin metals and stringent controls to guarantee uniformity and unvarying quality. That is why AMPCOLOY®alloys are intensively used in moulds as inserts for the injection, extrusion and blow moulding of plastic parts for the automotive as well as the greater plastics industry.

Using these high-performance AMPCOLOY® copper-based alloys allows the plastics processor to reduce cycle times from 20 to 80%, significantly increasing production rates, cost saving and part quality ultimately leading to higher profits.


For all friction applications in moulds, AMPCO® 18 and AMPCO® 21 are used extensively providing the solution to many wear or seizing issues.

For help determining the alloy and the product that best meets your needs, contact your closest AMPCO METAL sales engineers today.