When producing stainless steel tubes from strips, so called cold welds might occur on the forming rolls. These cold welds on the forming rolls are damaging the surface of the steel tubes.

Additionally, working on a semi-circular forming roll in order to obtain a tube out of a flat steel strip, the differences in tangential speeds along the surface of the tube induce sliding between forming roll, calibration roll and the stainless-steel sheet.

Because of the cold-welding effect and the difference in speed on the surface of the forming rolls, these rolls must be chosen out of a material with very good sliding characteristics in order to obtain a perfect surface on the stainless-steel tubes.

AMPCO METAL guarantees a wide range of material satisfying the highest requirements.

For example, the patented alloy AMPCO® 25 offers multiple advantages especially for welding rolls, forming (break down) and calibration (sizing) rolls.

The greater the number of forming stations, the more gradual is the absorption of plastic deformation and the less the stress generated in the material. This can be important for meeting dimensional tolerance requirements during assembly.


  • Very good sliding characteristics
  • No cold welds on the forming rolls
  • Absolutely perfect surface on carbon, stainless steel or titanium tubes
  • Extended lifetime of forming rolls
  • No hardening or expensive coatings on the rolls required
  • Easy to regrind
  • Less power consumption in HF welding process