AMPCO METAL produces a full range of alloys for the Die Casting tooling industry. Typical applications include moulds for low-pressure non-ferrous die casting as well as plunger tips for the aluminium die casting industry.

Being an integrated producer and distributor, AMPCO METAL can guarantee repeatability and dependability in terms of sizes, accurately machined in our in-house CNC machining equipment and alloy quality consistency, with our in-house melted and casted alloys.

The MICROCAST® structure gives our metal a refined microstructure that combined with the high hardness and high thermal conductivity of our alloys improves the wear resistance of our tips for maximum service life and shot sleeve performance.


AMPCOLOY® 940, AMPCOLOY® 95 and AMPCOLOY® 88 alloys are used as Die Casting moulds for the production of non-ferrous water taps, faucets, water mixers and components in low pressure Die Casting process.


AMPCO METAL produces plunger tips in a wide variety of alloys and sizes, including fully machined parts and components. In our alloys selection you will find beryllium containing AMPCOLOY® 95 alloys and beryllium-free alloys, like AMPCOLOY® 940.

For help determining the alloy and the product that best meets your needs, contact your closest AMPCO METAL sales.


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